Sphenoid Sinusitis

Sphenoid sinuses are located behind your skull, below the pituitary gland and above the nasopharynx. Doctors find it difficult to diagnose diseases in this part due to its location. At the front of sphenoid sinuses are ethmoid sinuses.


The symptoms of this condition are same with the other sinuses. Usually, a patient is likely to experience mucus discharge, colds, and poor sense of smell. You can only know that the infection has got its way on the head when km35etd62y723ue839you feel pain in your head. You should note that this area of sinuses is hard to infect. The location makes it quite hard for viruses or bacteria to reach as it is not easy to penetrate.

Diagnosis is not easy. A doctor requires samples of sweat or blood to determine whether there are traces of fungus and bacteria in the sinuses. The other way is to use CT scan to know whether this condition exists. If you are suffering from this condition, you should never take it for granted. You should note that sphenoid of all sinuses is the most sensitive due to the connection between optic nerve and sinus.

Sometimes cysts can be found in the sphenoid sinus. These are pocketlike tissues, which contain semisolid or liquid materials inside. Sometimes even a person who has never complained about sinus problems may have cysts. Fewer numbers of cysts should not be considered harmful as they cannot cause any complications. However, if they are growing in numbers and already started stopping and blocking reproduction of healthy cells, then they are considered harmful. You have to undergo CT scan to determine whether the cysts are available in your sinuses.

Surgical operation

It extremely risks carrying out surgical operations that involve the sinus. This is because they are located below your brain. Surgery may cause infection. If leakage occurs, you are required to take a bed rest until the leakage stops. If the leakage does not stop, you will be required to undergo brain surgery.

If your maxillary sinus begins to depict any signs of fungal infectionkmn235erd5t262y72u82, try to control the problem. If left untreated, the fungus will spread and contaminate healthy tissues. This can go on for a longer period and spread to the other parts of the sinus. If it reaches the sphenoid, it becomes terribly dangerous. If it has affected all other sinuses, it can be quite difficult to treat it.

Prevention is recommended as it is better than cure. You need to eat healthy foods and avoid eating lots of fried and starchy foods. In fact, some foods are likely to worsen your sphenoid infections such as dairy products.